Mathematics 1 | Introduction to Sequences and Limits

We introduce sequences and limits of sequences based on various examples.

Mathematics 1 | Polynomials, Polynomial Division, and Factoring

We introduce polynomial functions, explain polynomial division at several examples, and talk about factoring polynomials.

Mathematics 1 | Linear Functions, the Point-Slope Formula and the Point-Point Formula

We define and explain linear functions and derive the Point-Slope formula and the Point-Point formula.

Mathematics 1 | Functions of One Variable: Introduction and Basic Definitions

We introduce the notion of a function from scratch and explain basic definitions.

Mathematics 1 | Propositional Logic: Truth Tables

We explain the idea of truth tables and work out several examples.

Mathematics 1 | Introduction to Propositional Logic

We introduce the basic notions of propositional logic as well as operators for statements.

Mathematics 1 | „The Little Gauß“ and Other Sum Rules

We introduce and explain some explicit formulas for sum expressions (such as the "little Gauß").

Mathematics 1 | Introduction to the Summation Notation

We explain the summation notation using the "Sigma" symbol in mathematics and work out several examples.